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Woman almost struck by a meteorite

Woman almost struck by a meteorite


Auteur : Tsveta Dimova
Avec : Victoria Ninova, Liliana G Konstantinova,
Viktoria Dragomirova Paneva, Steve Saw
Durée : 75 min

L'Association bulgare a été ravie de vous inviter à la comédie de Tsveta Dimova « Woman almost struck by a meteorite » à Paris. Entre le stand-up et le théâtre, ce spectacle absurde et décalé laisse une place à la magie, aux sortilèges et aux miracles.

La pièce sa été jouée en anglais.


The time for a MIRACLE has finally come! Woman almost struck by a meteorite

... Meteorite Crashes Through Ceiling and Lands on Woman’s Bed. After a
fireball pierces the Canadian sky, Ruth Hamilton of British Columbia
finds a 2.8-pound rock the size of a large man’s fist on her pillow. Ruth Hamilton was asleep when she was awakened by the barking of her dog, followed by an explosion. ...

On November 30th, 1954, a meteorite struck a woman and forever changed the course of her life. Even to this day, the shockwave of that event continues to shatter the lives of others.

In a unique blend of absurdist theater and bittersweet comedy, our play presents a cosmic and ironic perspective on the seemingly insignificant existence of a woman almost struck by a meteorite. It's a story of missed opportunities, possibilities of what could have been, and the importance of being seen.

And in a stroke of daring, our production will incorporate a touch of ritual magic as we collectively cast a miracle spell. For only a miracle can set things right.
We invite you to join us and become a part of this extraordinary experience - a MIRACLE in the making!

The play is performed in English.


Метеорит удря жена на 30 ноември 1954 г. и съсипва остатъка от живота й. Ударната вълна продължава да разбива и няколко други живота и до днес.

Балансирайки между абсурдния театър и стендъп комедията, пиесата наблюдава с космически ироничен поглед незначителното съществуване на жена, почти ударена от метеорит. История за това какво е можело или трябвало да бъде и колко важно е да бъдеш видян.

С малко ритуална магия, колективно ще направим заклинание за чудо, защото само чудото може да оправи нещата.

Пиесата се играе на английски език.

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